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There's no easy way to put it. If you're not ranking on Google™ for what you sell, you're missing sales. But there is an easy and affordable way to get on Page 1 of Google! The Zidster Page One Program.

Why our system works and works consistently


Start Small – Go Big
Start with the first keyword phrase and location you want to target. Once that works, expand your program to other keywords so you can reach more new customers.
Whatever It Takes
We help you take advantage of the Internet to grow your business. From web pages to forms, ecommerce, or videos – we make it happen without costing you a bundle.
Keywords & Content
We analyze keywords and prepare professional copy and images so you have the best web pages to attract search engines and new customers.
Customer Service
Ever tried to find the “web guy” when you needed a change to your website? With us, you’ll get changes done within a day – sooner if it’s urgent.
Plus, We Guarantee It
We guarantee that within three months, one of your Zidster Pages will appear on Page 1 of the Google Search Results for the keyword phrase and location of your choice. If it doesn’t, we will continue working to get it to Page 1 and you pay us nothing more until it does.
Paul Fitting
Managing Partner
Gary Zidd
Managing Partner

Get your business on Page 1 with the Zidster Page One Program. Starting at $590 plus $95 per month. Contact Us!
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