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Vehicle Appraisals:
How to Get a Fair Price

There are many times when people need expert vehicle valuations:
  • estate settlements
  • collateral (or valuation) for loans
  • bankruptcy proceedings
  • car or truck lease cancellations
  • to calculate net worth for financial planning or selling a business
For situations like these, it's crucial to find an expert vehicle appraiser an individual or company that specializes in determining fair market value.

The Critical Difference
in Vehicle Valuations

You can't afford to lose time or money when so much is at stake.

Because so much is riding on any vehicle appraisal, you need a company with a stellar reputation for performing in-depth and accurate automobile, tractor, truck, bulldozer and other rolling machine or equipment appraisals. You also need a company whose vehicle appraisals are accepted -- without question -- by others in the industry.

The Right Choice for
Your Vehicle Appraisal

George Olmezer Appraisal Services has been a family-owned business since 1939, which means we have the experience and knowledge to handle the most complicated automobile, machine and equipment appraisals with ease. Ninety percent of our appraisers have been with us five years or more and have many years of industry training and experience.

To ensure their vehicle valuations are accurate, their work is audited by field supervisors. This means you receive superior service while our high standards are continually maintained.

In New Jersey, call us at 732-634-9000 or contact us online so we can make your life easier by providing a top notch vehicle appraisal.
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