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Interior Design - the Answer
To Your Decorating Questions

Interior design creates a new and fresh look when your home or business is in serious need of a makeover. Perhaps you're a bit embarrassed to have clients come to your office as it looks now. Or maybe you're finally ready to get rid of the dated look of the rooms in your home. Chances are you would welcome a fresh new space, but doing it all on your own with a limited budget, and so little time ... you've just let it go. Consider an interior designer - not just any interior designer - Decor & You Interior Decorating.
Therese Hilgar-Bush
Interior Decorator

Decor & You Interior Decorating -
An Affordable Investment

Interior design is a wonderful investment in the warm, comfortable and professional appearance of your home and/or office spaces. At Decor & You, I invest the time right up front to find out exactly what you want and need and what you can afford to pay. No surprises. It is my pleasure to work within your parameters to meet and exceed your interior decorating expectations. Working with me at Decor & You is like having investment insurance - you're going to spend the money on the space, why not let me insure that you will absolutely "love the space you're in" by designing the interior you want?

Create the Room of YOUR Dreams

From the very beginning, I sit down with you in the area needing interior design. I learn how your space needs to function, your personal likes and dislikes, your dreams for the overall appearance and effect. At Decor & You, I find exactly the right furniture, window treatments, accessories, lighting and flooring for you, as well as their being "Made in America" and in compliance with green, sustainability standards. My relationships with dozens of manufacturers assure you of interior design choices that are unique and not found in typical retail outlets. Creating YOUR dream is my goal.

Interior Design with a Happy Ending

Where you spend your time affects your life. At Decor & You Interior Decorating, I work closely with you in creating a space that meets and exceeds your expectations, and makes you genuinely happy. I pride myself in superb customer service, insight into your interior design needs, and finding what works within your schedule and budget, working in phases, if necessary. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Decor & You!

Don't put it off any longer ... contact me at Decor & You Interior Decorating, and take the first step to "Love the space you're in."
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