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A Flemington Eye
Doctor—Who Really Cares

If you're seeking a new eye doctor, someone who's:
  • experienced
  • caring and
  • compassionate,
look no further than Flemington, NJ. At my office you'll receive the kind of eye care you need.

I know how important it is to be fitted well for glasses
How can I be so sure? I've been in your shoes—many times. My name is Dr. Pamela Saus, and I got my first pair of glasses when I was 3. Over the years I've seen many eye doctors and worn many eyeglasses. So I know how important it is to be fitted well for glasses while being treated with respect and understanding.

Personalized Care
by Flemington Eye Doctor

When you come to my practice, I'll answer any of your questions or concerns. After all, vision is probably the most coveted of the five senses, and I understand why it's so important to you.

I also take the time to get to know you so we can match your frames (or contacts) to your face shape and lifestyle. I really don't like to rush anyone—or keep them waiting in the reception area, so I never overbook.

Eye Care For the Generations

Whether you are young or old, from children to seniors, I like helping everyone see well. It's important to me to get to know you, I've happily listened to stories about "the good old days" from the older generation and I think nothing of sitting down on the floor and playing with youngsters if it makes them feel more comfortable in my office.

Need more information to help you decide on our practice—and me?

Here's a bit more about our practice: We offer the latest in technology and testing, and are experts at dealing with ocular diseases and injuries. Our frames are very high quality at reasonable prices.

And me: I moved to the Flemington area about 3 years ago with school-aged children and wanted to live and work locally while growing strong community roots. I'm a graduate of the College of New Jersey and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, both with honors.

I look forward to meeting you in my Flemington office, where we can come up with an affordable eye healthcare plan to improve your vision. Call (908) 782-2224 or contact me online.
My experience with Dr. Pamela Saus has been top notch! I have had her take care of my parents, children as well as myself. I have seen my share of doctors over many years & she extends a caring hand, listens, and thoroughly answers all questions & covers all grounds with excellent care prescriptions right on the money. I would follow her anywhere!
Janan, Hillsborough, NJ
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