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Are you a horse lover? Does your heart go out to an animal in need? Then you’ll want to learn more about Mylestone Equine Rescue! Mylestone is New Jersey’s first all-breed horse rescue, and has been helping horses in desperate need for over 14 years. They are supported through the kindness of people like yourself who may donate or sponsor a horse. Some of their current residents include:
  • Ghost – a former racehorse, Ghost was brutally pinfired over 100 times in each of his legs to make him run, but he ended up neglected as a lesson horse until Mylestone gave him a new life.
  • Shadow – completely blind due to an infection his owner never treated, Shadow is a gentle soul who was also abused by the man who owned and rode him
  • Apache – an Appaloosa who had been left 2 years with a severely painful broken hip after serving for years in a Wild West theme park. Thanks to kind sponsors and great medical care, Apache knows a new life at Mylestone.
  • Madeline – a beautiful buckskin pony mare that had been kicked in the field as a youngster. The injury never addressed, her leg fused in the bent position so she had to move on 3 legs. Madeline has her own children’s book written about her, available on the web site.
Many of the Mylestone horses were rescued from auction and/or abuse and starvation, as you can see. They now live happy and comfortable lives, but they need you! Please consider sponsoring one of these beautiful horses, or make a general donation towards their care and others needing rescue. Mylestone is also always in need of dedicated volunteers!

Please visit their web site – – and make a difference!

Mylestone Equine Rescue is a 501 (c )3, non-profit organization, and the first all-breed rescue in New Jersey, saving lives for nearly 15 years. Please note that Mylestone, located in western New Jersey, is a private farm and not open to the public with the exception of Open House and private tours scheduled by appointment.

Business Profile About Mylestone Contact Us
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