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Who'll Look After Your Pet
While You're Away?

One of the biggest concerns for animal lovers is making arrangements for your pets when you cannot be home to care for them. Whether you are going on vacation, have a short stay in the hospital, or are simply unable to care for your pets, their well-being is always a primary concern. Who will love them like you do? Who will understand their individual needs, and take the time to keep them from being frightened or lonely?

Your dog
or cat needs
to feel comfortable and secure

What Your Pet Needs

To feel his best while you’re away, your dog or cat needs to feel comfortable and secure, to remain on the same diet, and to be reassured by the company of someone who cares with playtime, affection, and walking, (if a dog.) What they don’t need is to be caged or kenneled, surrounded by the unsettling sounds and smells of other animals who are equally stressed. Don't you want to know that your pet is as calm and happy as possible while you're away? That's why you'll want to contact us at Tender Loving Care 4 Tender Loving Critters when you can't be home!

We Treat Your Pets Like Our Own

TLC4TLC Pet Care can take care of your cats or dogs in your own home or in mine, wherever you feel they would be most comfortable. Whether you choose dog boarding or cat boarding, home visits, and/or dog walking, you can be assured that I treat your pets as I would my own, so you never have to worry about them in your absence. I will happily administer medications as needed, and on time, or even transport pets to the vet, if required. Their every need will be attended to, and you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that my 10 years of experience insures the well-being of your pet. Your cats and dogs are first-class citizens in my eyes and are always treated as such ... my guarantee.

Contact AAA TLC4TLC Pet Care when you can’t be there
for your pets - your peace of mind will be worth it.

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