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Safe and Comforting Care for Your Cat

Your cat is unique - she has her own very special personality and probably more than one little quirk, perhaps her eating preferences or potty habits. And no one knows these better than you. When you have to leave for any period of time, you worry -- will she be OK while you're gone? A typical boarding situation is extremely stressful to the average cat, who may not be used to constant barking or the sounds and smells of many other cats. What can you do? At TLC4TLC Pet Care, we have two safe and comforting alternatives.

I will
care for
your cat exactly the same way you would

Home Away from Home for Your Cat

When in my care, your cat will have a comfy room all to herself! (or with your other cats, if you have more than one.) With toasty heat in winter, A/C in summer and a screened window to watch the world go by, she will be totally safe and secure indoors. TV, beds, and toys are all available plus a safe, screen to the room so I can always keep an eye on her. Of course, I will spend time playing with your cat as well as being sure she's fed and receives any meds on time. My in-home kennel alternative may be just what your cat would order for herself!

Home, Sweet Home with Visits

Some cats are shy and feel most at ease in their own environment while you’re away. If this is your cat, be assured that I will come as often as you wish to feed your cat, clean her litter and spend some time entertaining her. If she has any special needs, medications, etc. just let me know. It's my goal to give you complete peace of mind, and your special feline the best care possible.

Why TLC4TLC Is the Choice for You and Your Cat

With over 10 years experience in direct pet care, I take pride in getting to know and understanding your cat and her needs. I hope you will join my many repeat customers ... you too, can go away knowing that I will care for your cat exactly the same way you would. That’s peace of mind! Contact TLC4TLC Pet Care and see the difference.
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