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Compassionate Care for
Your Dogs While You’re Away

Are you anticipating a stay away from your dog? Are you already becoming concerned as to how he'll make out while you’re gone? Will he get his food on time, or ... will he even eat? Will anyone spend any time with him, help him feel he's not forgotten? How stressed will he be? People often look to boarding kennels for their dogs when they go away, but kennels can often be cold and unwelcoming, noisy and frightening. I offer something better ... an in-home kennel alternative.

Your peace of mind is my goal when I care for your dog

Your Dog's Home Away from Home

Your peace of mind is my goal when I care for your dog, (or dogs, if you have more than one.) When your dog stays in my home, he is more than just a boarder - he is cherished as a family pet. He has full run of the house, plenty of potty breaks, safe toys and the food you provide. No cages! Your dog can also play in a backyard with a 6' stockade fence, always under my watchful eye, and will sleep on his own dog bed or one of mine. His experience while you're away will be as close to being in your home as possible ... because he will be in a loving home, right here at TLC4TLC Pet Care!

Another Great Alternative for Your Dog

If you feel your dog will do best by staying in your home, then I will be happy to come over and walk him, play with him, feed him and administer any required medications ... and all on the schedule he's used to. If a trip to the vet is necessary for any reason, I will be sure he gets there. Your dog is my number one responsibility while in my care, and to let you feel calm and relaxed while away knowing he's in the best of hands.

The Best Care - for Your Dog and You!

I've built my business on the best care for your dog, and convenience and peace of mind for you. Need your dog to be picked up? Experiencing flight delays? Need an extra few days? I'm here for you. Let me show you what First Class Dog Care is all about ... contact TLC4TLC Pet Care when you'll be away.
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