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From a Dog's (and Cat's) Eye View!

Looking for the very best in dog boarding and cat sitting? You'll find it at Tender Loving Care for Tender Loving Critters (TLC4TLC)! Read testimonials from the dogs and cats themselves who are our regular customers. Whether you come from Piscataway, NJ or Clark, Westfield, Maplewood, or points inbetween we provide the very best in the pet sitting experience for your special pooch or feline friend. Read the reviews ... see for yourself!
Has Everyone Trained Just Right
Having a job is important, as every cat knows. Here at TLC4TLC, I have several important tasks. One, is being available to help out with any office-related jobs, two, is catching enough naptime to remain gorgeous, and three, is keeping the place looking lovely by just being me. I totally LOVE the cuddles and affection I get so often here. And my family knows, too ... this is way better than plain old cat sitting ... it's only TLC4TLC for me.
Honey from Roselle Park, NJ
We Keep an Eye out for this Blind Sweetie
Hi, there. I'm Jessie. I'm 12 years old and blind. I can't be left home alone all day; it would not be safe, even with my best friend, Mia, with me. Both of us come here to TLC4TLC each day for dog sitting, and are soooo well-cared for. It may be true that I use my nose as my guide, but who knows where that could take me? Bonita makes sure that Mia and I are safe and sound ... we have our very own comfy, sectioned off area of the living room. And oh, TLC4TLC also makes sure I have plenty to eat. No wonder I love it here!
Jessie from Maplewood, NJ
It's Just Like Home Here
Actually, it was home here for a while! I'm Bear, and Bonita at TLC4TLC helped me find a loving new family when my last owner didn't have enough time for me. Bonita has a heart that's huge, and that's why, when I come here, I feel so at home. This is dog boarding at its very best. I curl up on the couch, or play or sleep with one of the other dogs, relax with one of the cats ... it really is home here. I see dogs that come here for the first time ... Bonita spends some time helping them adjust, and before you know it, they're right at home, too, TLC4TLC is the place to be.
Bear from Westfield, NJ
A Puppy with Lots to Do
Hey, it's me, Butters. You know what's so cool about TLC4TLC? It's a place for ALL of us! There are young guys like me, some older pooches, some with health problems, and even some cats. And we all get along! How cool is that? As a kid, I need a bunch of attention, dog walking and lots of playtime. I can always find a buddy or two here at TLC4TLC who likes to run around and play `til we drop. If I have to be anywhere while my people are at work or away, this is it. I rate it 5 dog bones!
Butters from Piscataway, NJ
A Petite Royal
Hello. My name is Bella - that means beautiful, if you didn't know - and here at TLC4TLC, I am treated like the royalty I truly am. It's why I love to come here so much. It's dog sitting raised to a whole different level. Bonita completely understands the need for everyone and everything to be in its place, and has no problems with my keeping all the other dogs in line. But always, I rule with the velvet paw. Best of all? Royalty or not, I can stay in my jammies all day if it suits me!
Bella from Clark, NJ
Explorers Extraordinaire
We've stormed the mountain and it is ours! Woo hoo! We are two sisters and a cousin who love coming to TLC4TLC because we have so much fun! We run about the house or yard and play until we're exhausted. In winter, the snow gets shoveled into mountains for even more fun. (It's amazing that we even stood still for this photo!) Also, I, Molly, get hand fed my dinner because someone - ahem ... Maggie - eats like a piggie and would take all my food. Now THIS is dog boarding! Thanks, Bonita.
Molly, Maggie and Pixie from Westfield, NJ
Energy to Spare
Hiya! I'm Mystique! Whatcha got there? Is it a toy? Are you going to play with me? Want to come run around outside? Oh boy, I can't wait! Well, if you haven't noticed, I don't lie around too much and the best thing about TLC4TLC is that it's dog boarding par excellence! I get to run around to my heart's content and play with all the other dogs that visit. I have the BEST time here! Whew! I think I need a moment on my comfy bed!
Mystique from Union, NJ
Two Bonded Seniors
Thank goodness for TLC4TLC. We may be getting on in years - we're 8 now - but it's especially important as one grows older to have those around us appreciate our changing needs. I, Ginger, am currently on chemotherapy; it's so comforting to know Bonita is here and administers my meds on time. You might not even know anything was wrong with me, but as long as Lily and I are together here at TLC4TLC each day, life is just grand.
Ginger and Lily from Union, NJ
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